Enterprise Zone Office
p: (618) 594-6632
f:  (618) 594-6006

8:00am - 4:30pm


850 Fairfax Street – Room 124
Carlyle, IL 62231

The Enterprise Zone Office is located in the basement of the Courthouse in Carlyle, Illinois.

Enterprise Zone Program

The Clinton County Enterprise Zone is a specific area designated by the State of Illinois, working with local government, to receive tax incentives and other benefits to stimulate economic activity, employment opportunities, and neighborhood revitalization. The Clinton County Enterprise Zone consists of Clinton County, Albers, Aviston, Breese, Carlyle, Damiansville, Germantown, New Baden, and Trenton. It was certified on January 1, 2016 and expires on December 31, 2030.


Sales Tax Exemption- A 6.25 percent state sales tax exemption is permitted onbuilding materials to be used in an Enterprise Zone. Materials must be permanently affixed to the property and must be purchased from a qualified retailer.

Other Incentives

Enterprise Zone Machinery and Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
Enterprise Zone Utility Tax Exemption
Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit

Click Enterprise Zone FAQs for additional information. These other incentives generally require hiring or retaining large numbers of employees and/or large capital investments.

How to Apply

Download an application and return by email (preferred), fax, or deliver to the Enterprise Zone office in the Clinton County Courthouse.

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