Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

Purpose: This information is provided in order for the government of Clinton County, Illinois to meet the requirements of both the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.

Total 2019 Operating Budget: $8,944,409.00

Approximate Number of Full Time Employees: 100

Approximate Number of Part Time Employees: 73

Offices of Clinton County

Courthouse Building: 850 Fairfax Street – Carlyle, IL 62231

Clerk of the Circuit Court

State’s Attorney

Public Defender

Probation Department

County Coroner

County Clerk and Recorder

County Treasurer

Supervisor of Assessments

Zoning Administrator

GIS Coordinator

Animal Control Officer


Jail Building: 810 Franklin Street – Carlyle, IL 62231

Sheriff’s Department
County Jail
County Board Meeting Room

Health Department Building: 950 Fairfax Street – Carlyle, IL 62231

Health Department
Regional Superintendent of Schools

County Highway Building: 479 21st Street – Carlyle, IL 62231

County Highway Department

County EMA Building: 431 21st Street – Carlyle, IL 62231

County EMA


Submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in writing to:

Diane Luitjohan, FOIA Officer for Clinton County
Clinton County Courthouse
Clinton County State’s Attorney’s Office
850 Fairfax Street, Room 210
Carlyle, Illinois  62231
(618) 594-6645


List of employees over $75,000

Data available by office

View County Board & Committees