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Ralph A. Wellinghoff
Clinton County  lost another of its young men when Army PFC Ralph A. Wellinghoff of New Baden was killed in action in Vietnam on july 14, 1969. 
PFC Wellinghoff, a graduate of Wesclin High School, was born March 21, 1949, the son of Verena Schmidt and Alois B. Wellinghoff' His father preceded him in death, but he is survived by his mother, two sisters and two brothers. 
Wellinghoff is the 12th county fatality in the Vietnam conflict.
Norman L. Eversgerd
The death of  PFC  Norman L. Eversgerd, 19, by  mortar and rifle fire in Vietnam Sunday, August 18, 1968 completed a double tragedy for his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Frank Eversgerd of  Germantown.  They had lost another son, Spec. 4C Marlin Chris Eversgerd, 20, in Vietnam 17 months earlier.  Norman was with the Third Marine Division.  Norman had sustained fragmentation  wounds to the head and a gunshot wound to the body from hostile mortar and  rifle fire while in a defensive position at Thua, Thien Province, Republic of Vietnam.  Burial was in St. Boniface Cemetery in Germantown.
Marlin C. Eversgerd
Funeral services with full military rites at the graveside were held at St. Boniface Church in Germantown for Spec. 4C, Marlin Chris Eversgerd of Germantown, who was killed in action, March 19, 1967, in Vietnam. 
The victim, a radio operator, with the 4th Infantry Division, was in an aircraft and was hit by fragments of a detonated mine.  He had been stationed at Dau Tieng, South Vietnam near the Cambodian border, which had been a "hot" spot recently.  Eversgerd arrived in Vietnam in September 1966 and had been in the Mekong Delta, Iron Triangle and Junction City offensives. 
A son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris F. Eversgerd, he is survived by his parents and seven younger brothers and sisters.  Burial was at St. Boniface Cemetery in Germantown.
Dennis L. Peek
Clinton County gave another son to the cause of war in Vietnam January 9, 1970, when Marine First Lieutenant Dennis Peek of Route 2, Carlyle, was killed as his U-4 aircraft was shot down by enemy ground fire over Quang Nam Province. Lt. Peek, 26, a Mater Dei graduate and son of Mr. and Ws.  August Peek, had enlisted in the Marines January 9, 1967, exactly three years before his death. 
He was born at Carlyle July 9, 1943, and after graduation from Mater Dei High School attended the General Motors Institute at Flint, Michigan, with a degree in engineering and was employed by the Fisher Body Plant in St. Louis, Missouri for five years prior to his entry into the service.
Mickey R. Grable
Mickey Grable was born on June 15, 1947. He became a member of the Marines while in Centralia, Illinois and attained the rank of CPL (E4). 
On July 25, 1966 at the age of 19, Mickey Grable gave his life 
in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Nam 
You can find Mickey Grable honored on the Vietnam Memorial 
Wall on Panel 9E, Row 74
Ronald J. Tebbe
Ronald Tebbe, son of Mrs. Irene Sprehe Tebbe of Breese, died of wounds in Vietnam at 9:45 a.m. Thursday, July 11, 1968.  He was an infantryman and had been in Vietnam nine months after enlisting in November of 1966.  Ronald was born September 5, 1947, a son of  Emil and Irene Sprehe Tebbe.  His father was drowned May 5, 1957, and he was the only son in a family of eight children.  Burial was in St. Dominic's Cemetery in Breese.
John M. Wike
John Wike was born on September 9, 1950. He became a 
member of the Army while in Centralia, Illinois and attained the 
rank of SP4 (E4). 
On February 26, 1970 at the age of 19, John Wike gave his life 
in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Nam 
You can find John Wike honored on the Vietnam Memorial Wall 
on Panel 13W, Row 60. 
Stanley A. Mensing
A requiem mass was held at St. Anthony's Church for SP4 Stanley Alfred Mensing, 21, the first Beckemeyer soldier to die in the Vietnam War. 
Honor guards were there from the Catholic War Veterans Marion Post and and Holthaus¬≠Kampwerth Post of the American Legion. 
SP4 Mensing was reported missing August 12, 1969, and his body was recovered on August 17.  The young soldier entered service March 21, 1968.  He was in Troop A, lst Squadron, 4th Cavalry, lst Infantry Division.  Mensing was born July 1, 1948, a son of Alfred J. and Veronica Skrobul Mensing.  Burial was in St. Anthony's Cemetery in Beckemeyer.
Jerome Stroot
Theodore A. Wolters
Theodore Anthony Wolters, of New Baden, was killed in action while serving in Vietnam, on August 28, 1970. He was sent to Vietnam on July 24, 1970 and serving in the Infantry, lst Battalion (Airmobile), 8th Cavalrv. 
He was born July 7, 1950, in Breese, the son of Tony and Rose Wolters of  New Baden, Illinois. He entered the service February 26, 1970 and had basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, then to Long Beach, Californiaia.  He was educated at St.George Grade School_ in New Baden and Mascoutah High School.
Gerald B. Schmidt
Gerald B. Schmidt, 20 year old Marine Lance Corporal of Albers, became Clinton County's first casualty of the Vietnam Conflict. 
His parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Schmidt of Albers, received an official notice of his being fatally wounded "while on an assault troop pick-up mission" in the vicinity of Qung, Ngai, Republic of South Vietnam, March 20, 1966. 
The young victim of the tragedy had been in Vietnam since July 1, 1965, and was to return home in June 1966.  He was a two year veteran of the Marines when he went to Vietnam and served in the helicopter group.  Burial was in St. Bernard Cemetery in Albers.
Junior Floyd Roniger
Junior Floyd Roniger, 22, son of Mr.and Mrs. Gilmer Roniger of Rt 2, Trenton, near St.Morgan, died from wounds received in action in Vietnam on February 20, 1969. 
Sgt. Roniger serving in the 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, in the Mekong Delta, lost his life in a night defensive position. He had been in Vietnam since June 1968. Previously, he had served 13 months in Korea and re-enlisted at the request of a buddy who died in Korea. 
He was born in Trenton on March 1, 1946, the son of Gilmer and Virginia Roniger, nee Hammer. Surviving are his parents, two sisters, Carol Ann, wife of Thomas Prange of St. Jacob and Miss Lois Roniger at home. Burial was in the Highland City Cemetery.
Herbert C. Langenhorst
Herbert C. Langenhorst, 22, Clinton County's most recent victim of the Vietnam War, was buried with military honors at Germantown Wednesday morning. 
He was killed Friday, October 18, 1968, while guarding an airport.  An aircraft landed and exploded on the airstrip and Langenhorst was killed by flying debris from the explosion. 
His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Langenhorst of Germantown, were notified Tuesday of his death and the remains arrived with a militarv escort.  Burial was in St. Boniface Cemetery im Germantown.  The soldier was born September 21, 1946 and observed his 22nd birthday only last month.
Dennis M. Wobbe
Dennis Wobbe, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Fremont Wobbe of Breese, was a machine gunner for the Navy in a helicopter flown from an aircraft carrier on a rescue mission when the copter was hit by enemy fire and exploded last weekend.  The date of death was given as July 13, 1968.  Dennis was born July 20, 1947, a son of Fremont and Martha Holtgrave Wobbe, who survive along with two brothers and two sisters.  He entered the Navy about 18 months ago and had been in Vietnam since last Thanksgiving Day.  Burial was in St. Dominic's Cemetery in Breese.
Ralph B. Ortmann
A requiem mass will be held at St. Boniface Church at Germantown at 10:00 a.m. Monday for PFC Ralph B. Ortmann, 20, who was killed in action in Vietnam on July 2, 1969.  He was Germantown's fourth victim of the Vietnam conflict.  Mr. and Mrs. Vince Ortmann of rural Germantown, his parents, were notified by the Defense Department that their son was killed while on a scouting mission.  He regularly was a gunner on an Army vehicle.  He had been in Vietnam 2 1/2 months before his death.  Burial was in St. Boniface Cemetery in Germantown.
Norman G. Toennies
S/4 Norman G. Toennies, 20, son of Mrs. Margaret Toennies of Albers RR became the second Clinton County boy to be killed in Vietnam. He was serving in Company B, 3rd Battalion, 22nd,Infantry. 
Mrs. Toennies, wife of the late Joseph Toennies, who died in 1950, received word that her son drowned on the night of December 21, 1966 while on an ambush patrol mission. 
Norman was born in rural Albers, August 13, 1946 and left for the U.S. Army on December 27, 1965 and served just six days short of a year at the time of his death. Burial was in St. Damians Church cemetery in Damiansville.
Billy D. Jackson
Marine PFC Billy Dale Jackson, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson, Route 3, Centralia, was killed in action, March 7, 1968, while engaged in an operation against hostile forces at Quang Tri, South Vietnam. 
PFC Jackson was born October 22, 1948, in Centralia.  He was a graduate of Centralia High School and had attended Kaskaskia College.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in April of 1967.  He was assigned to duty in Vietnam November 20, 1967.  Burial was in Hillcrest Memorial Park in Centralia, with military rites by the U.S. Marine Corps.
Paul W. Toennies
Paul Toennies, Specialist 4, U.S.Army disappeared in Germany last Monday July 8, 1968, and his body was recovered the following day.  He was born October 22, 1947, a son of Tony and Clara Olliges Toennies of Damiansville. Surviving are his parents, nine brothers and one sister.  Burial was in St. Damian's Cemetery in Damiansville.
Daniel E. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Rosen of St. Rose were notified Saturday, May 17, 1969, that their son, Daniel Elmer Rosen-, an 18-year old infantry soldier, had been missing in action in Vietnam since May 14, 1969.  He entered service August 14, 1968, four days before his 18th birthday.  He left California for Vietnam January 19, 1969 and was in training there before going into combat.  The body was recovered with death listed May 14, 1969 and burial was in the St. Rose Cemetery.
Walter A. Koehler
First Lieutenant Walter Allen "Butch" Koehler, 23, was killed in Vietnam March 11, 1969. 
Lt. Koehler was in the crew of a helicopter gunship and his family was notified March 14, 1969, that he had been missing since March 11. A second message, brought here by a lieutenant from the Army Depot confirmed the death. 
Lt. Koehler was born here February 24, 1946, a son of Fred C. and Imogene C. Cooley Koehler.  He was graduated from Carlyle High School and attended the University of Illinois for one year. 
He and Sharon Melton were married July 11, 1966, and are parents of a 15-month-old son, Jeffrey. 
Survivors include his parents, his wife and son, and two sisters, Mrs. Doris Campbell who is in Germany. where her husband is stationed in the Army and Sandra Lynn Koehler, at home.

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