Superlatives are the norm in Clinton County, located less than a half hour from St. Louis, MO, in Southwestern Illinois. The county leads the state in dairy farming and pork, wheat and egg production, plus boasts the largest man-made lake in Illinois. Country roads wind past acres of farmland, across the Kaskaskia River and through villages and towns established in the 1800s.

Visitors are greeted with warm smiles and a hearty welcome at marinas, campgrounds, golf courses, historic sites, theaters, shops, orchards, wineries, restaurants, hotels, cottages and bed & breakfasts. For a serene weekend getaway or active days outdoors, explore Clinton County.

Be sure to check our calendar so your trip will coincide with one of Clinton County’s many events. Carlyle Lake hosts regattas, an art & wine fest, Fourth of July fireworks and lots of other activities. All three wineries feature special events like Hidden Lake’s “Girls’ Night Out." Nearly every month there is a festival, citywide yard sale, parish picnic, homecoming or quilt bingo/luncheon somewhere!

Visitors are encouraged to join in with the local folks for great music, food and activities for the whole family. Stay in a comfortable bed & breakfast, a cabin in the forest or a cottage on the lake and enjoy a getaway to Clinton County!

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  County Offices:
  County Clerk & Recorder (618) 594-6620 Highway Department (618) 594-2224
  Circuit Clerk (618) 594-6615 County Health Department (618) 594-2723
  County Sheriff(618) 594-4555 Animal Control (618) 594-4483
  County Treasurer (618) 594-6650 Probation Department (618) 594-6635
  Supervisor of Assessments (618) 594-6610 County EMA (618) 594-4455
  State's Attorney (618) 594-6645 GIS Coordinator (618) 594-6630
  Zoning Administrator (618) 594-6655 Public Defender (618) 594-6640
  County Coroner (618) 594-6625 School Superintendent (618) 594-2432
  County Jail (618) 594-4556    

  Albers Village Hall(618) 248-5154Aviston Village Hall(618) 228-7262
  Bartelso Village Hall(618) 765-2133Beckemeyer Village Hall(618) 227-8331
  Breese City Hall(618) 526-7731Carlyle City Hall(618) 594-2468
  Damiansville Village Hall(618) 248-5111Germantown Village Hall(618) 523-4243
  Hoffman Village Hall(618) 495-2234Keyesport Village Hall(618) 749-5391
  New Baden Village Hall(618) 588-3813 Centralia City Hall (618) 533-7623
  Trenton Village Hall (618) 224-7323 Wamac City Hall (618) 532-1138
  Huey Village Hall