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David M. Johnston
David Marshall Johnston, 21, was the first Carlyle young man to give up his life in battle in France.  He died August 23, 1918. 
Johnston was born in Carlyle July 23, 1887, the son of Everett and Josie Johnston, who survive along with a sister.  He was educated in the Carlyle school system, graduating in a class of 25. 
A memorial service was held at the Carlyle Presbyterian Church.
John Toennies
Pvt.  John B. Toennies, was serving in the U. S. Army, 2nd Company, lst Training Battalion, 159 DB, at Camp Taylor, Kentucky.  He died on October 13, 1918 at Camp Taylor.  Toennies was born August 20, 1892 in Damiansville, Illinois.  Burial was in the Damiansville Cemetery
Herman A. Fruend 
Herman Arthur Fruend of Ferrin, died in France on October 14, 1918 while serving in Company G, 125th Infantry, 32nd Division of the U.S. Army. 
He was born in Ferrin, Illinois in 1895.  Burial was in the family plot of Trinity Lutheran Cemetery located in Ferrin, IL.
William E. Krausz
Private William E. Krausz, of  New Menphis, was killed in action September 10, 1918 while serving in France, with the 154th Infantry, U.S.-.Army. 
William was the son of Philip P. and Elizabeth Krausz (nee Baehr).  Burial was in the New Menphis Lutheran Cemetery. 
William H. Kahrhoff
Private First Class William H. Kahrhoff, died November 14, 1918, of wounds received at the Battle of  the Sedan,  France.  Burial  in  St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery  in Beckemeyer, IL.
Gus Ethridge 
Gus Ethridge, one time resident of Carlyle and known to a number of our citizens here, died at Ft.  Douglas, Utah, August 17, 1917. 
His body was shipped to Keyesport and burial took place there.  He was a son of Mrs. Frank Potts of Keyesport. Young Ethridge enlisted in the regular army several weeks ago and was stationed at Fort Douglas.
Clemens Poelker 
John Gilmartin
John Gilmartin was a member of the Officers Training School at Camp Taylor, Kentucky.  He died on October 18, 1918 after a short illness of pneumonia.  He was born in Trenton on August, 7, 1895 and reached the age of 23 years, 2 months and 3 days at the tirie of death. 
John was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gilmartin.  Besides his parents, he is survived by three sisters and four brothers.  Burial was in Mt.  Carmel Cemetery in East St. Louis, Illinois.
Harold V. Goddard 
George Winkler
Gustav C. Holthaus
Pvt.  Gustav C. Holthaus, U.S. Army, Company  L, 102 Infantry Regiment, died July 23, 1918,  from wounds  received in France, on or near July 15, 1918.  Burial in St. Anthony's Cemetery located in Beckemeyer.  Pvt.  Holthaus resided near Beckemeyer, Illinois, in Wade Township.
Urban Mondt
Urban J. Mondt, a former resident of Carlyle, but who, before entering the service made his home with his mother at Aviston, has been reported as killed in action in France.  He was inducted into the service by the local board May 28, 1918, and sent to Camp Gordon.  His mother Mrs. Ella Mondt-., is the efficient chief operator for the telephone company at Aviston.  The young man was born on a farm south of Aviston on October 19, 1895, therefore he would  have been 23 years old the past week.
Joseph Boeckmann
Pvt.  Joseph Boeckmann serving in Company "H", 345th Infantry, U.S. Army went into the Base Hospital, Camp Pike, Ark. on January 20, 1918, with a diagnosis of Broncho Pneumonia, developing complications of Diptheria; January 23, 1918, and dying at 3 P.M. January 27, 1918.  The immediate cause of death was Diptheria. 
Joseph was born on February 15, 1894, the son of Frank "Franz" Boeckmann and Anna Maria Boeckmann, -(nee Strothmann) of Bartelso.  He was drafted into the U.S. Army in September 1917, and reported for duty at Camp Taylor, Kentucky, where he was assigned to Company "L", 26th Infantry.  He was transferred to Camp Pike, Ark. arrving on November 17, 1917. 
A brother, Frank, drowned in the Kaskaskia River 5 months after the death of Joseph.
Robert H. Barkley
Robert Hoffman Barkley was killed at Merced, California, December 3, 1918, when his airplane fell approximately 500 feet.  He was making his final flight as a student and was to have been commissioned as an aviator the following day. 
Barkley was born in Carlyle August 28, 1895, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Barkley who survive along with two sisters and two brothers. 
He was educated in Carlyle public schools and graduated from Carlyle high school in 1914.  He enlisted in the aviation section during December, 1917, and it was while completing his training at the flying school at Madier Field in Sacramento that Cadet Barkley encountered the fatal fall. 
His body was taken to the home of his parents and services were held December 12, 1918.
James H. Kleber
Corporal James H. Kleber, 27, of East St. Louis, was laid to rest in the Carlyle Cemetery October 25, 1918.  He died at Ft.  Bliss, TX, of pneumonia following an attack of Spanish influenza. 
Kleber was a son of Mr. and Ws.  John Kleber Sr. and was born in Carlyle October 10, 1981.  He was inducted into the military service May 20, 1918, and was assigned to Troop B, 314 Cavalry, as troop clerk and sent to Ft.  Bliss. 
His father, John Kleber Sr. of E. St. Louis, and brother, J. W. Kleber of Carlyle, traveled to Ft.  Bliss and arrived shortly before his death.
Ben Ahlf
Pvt. Ben Ahlf of Shattuc, Illinois, was killed in action, in France on October 13, 1918.  He was serving in Company I, 125th Infantry, A.E.F. 
Ben was born November 21, 1894, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Claus Ahlf of Shattuc, IL.
Calvin J. Lee
Pvt.  Calvin J. Lee of Trenton, serving in Company B, 333rd Illinois Infantry, died at Camp Taylor, Kentucky, on January 9, 1918, a victim of measles and pneumonia. 
He was the oldest son of William H. and Elizabeth Lee, was born on a farm north of Trenton, on February 25, 1893.  Besides his parents he is survived bv one Brother and three sisters.  Burial was in Trenton Cemetery.
Bernard A. Korte 
John H. Hilmes
John H. Hilmes, 40 Co., 160 DB, 10th BN. died October 24, 1918, at Camp Custer, Michigan, of pneumonia.  He lived in the community of Little Prairie, 1 1/2 miles west of  Beckemeyer, Illinois in Wade Township.  The young man was a son of  Clem Hilmes, a farmer residing between Beckemeyer and Breese.  He was inducted into the service on September 6, 1917 and was about 23 years of age.  Burial was in St. Anthony's Cemetery in Beckemeyer.
Henry Lallman
Pvt.  Henry Lallman, U.S.Army, 2nd Illinois Infantry, died October 1, 1918 from pneumonia at Fort Riley, Kansas.  Burial was in Beckemever Public Cemetery.  He was a resident of the Village of Beckemeyer.
Florence Burger
Pvt.  Florence Burger died at Camp Pike, Arkansas, April 16, 1918.  He resided near the community of Frogtown, Illinois.
Erwin 0. Stahl
Private Erwin Stahl, of Trenton, died on September 27, 1918 from wounds received in action against the enemy.  He enlisted in the Missouri National Guard in May 1917.  Erwin later transferred to Company I, 138th Infantry, training at Camp Doniphan, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He arrived in France June 6, 1918. 
Erwin was the son of Mr. & Mrs. William Stahl of Trenton and reached the age of 21 years, 7 months and 4 days at the time of his death.  He is survived by his parents, 6 brothers and 3 sisters.
Joseph W. Benhoff
Charles Carr 
The interment of the remains of  Charles Carr of Breese who died at Camp Taylor, Ky., last week took place at the Carlyle Cemetery October 13, 1918.  The deceased was about 22 years - of age and was well known in Clinton county where he resided before entering the service. 
Odd Fellows Lodge 680 of Breese was in charge of the service assisted by Carlyle members of the order.  Rev.  Cummins of  the Carlyle Methodist Episcopal Church conducted graveside services.
George V. Goldsmith 
George Vernon Goldsmith, 26, who had been missing in action in France since October 8, 1918, was reported to have died October 19, 1918, according to his parents, John T. and Mary Francis (Abernathy) Goldsmith Sr. 
Goldsmith went into service in May of 1918, trained at Camp Gordon, Georgia, and arrived in France in August of the same year. 
His parents received notification that he was missing December 7, 1918, nearly a month after the armistice was signed.  They had clung to hopes that their son, Vernon, would show up alive either in one of the hospitals or as a prisoner of Germany. 
His body was returned to the states and he was interred in Wadsworth Cemetery on 
October 23, 1921. 
Surviving in addition to his parents are three brothers, John L., Thomas Leroy and William F., and two sisters, Edna Bauer and Ruth Nothaus.
Anton H. Kemper
Meinolf Wildhaber
Otto Meier
Word has been received in Carlyle, to the effect that Otto Meier, of Albers, who went to Camp Custer, with -the last contingent entrained for that Camp by the local board, had died of pneumonia following an attack of influenza.  The young man was born at Ruma, Ill., October 6, 1893, where he resided until 1913, when he went to Albers with is parents.  The burial was in St. Bernard's Cemetery in Albers.
John H. Netemeyer
Leo Werth 
John A. Hirstein
Private John A. Hirstein, of Trenton, died on October 21, 1918, at the age of 26 years, 10 months, while on furlough from Camp Sheridan, Alabama.  He had returned home to attend the funeral of a relative. 
John was the son of Mr. & Mrs. John Hirstein, living three miles southwest of Trenton.  He was born on a farm near Troy, Illinois, December 22, 1891.  He was a graduate of the university of  Illinois in 1917.  Burial was in the Summerfield Cemetery.
Joseph R. Speiser
Joseph Raymond Speiser, who was sent to Camp Taylor Kentucky, June 24, 1918, by the local draft board died from influenza Monday and his body was shipped to his old home, via Shattuc, Wednesday for burial.  He was a son of Valentine Speiser, a well known farmer of near Boulder, and was a most exemplary young man.  He gave his age as 25 years at the time of enrollment with the draft board.
Anthony Prieshoff
Ernest Ruf
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruf, Sr. received a telegram last Tuesday evening from the war department in Washington conveying the sad intelligence that their son, Ernest, had died in a hospital in France of bronchial pneumonia.  No other particulars of his death were given in the telegram. 
He was 29 years old having been born in Carlyle February 5, 1889, and received his education in the public schools here.  He volunteered for service and on April 29, 1918, was sent to Camp Dix, N.J., where he received training.  He landed on French soil June 8, 1918 as a private in Battery A, 308th Field  Artillery. 
In addition to his parents, he leaves three sisters and two brothers, Miss Josephine Ruf, Mrs. John Dieterich, Mrs. W.P. Hinkel,  John Ruf, Jr., and Leo Ruf. 
Ruf was buried in a cemetery in France.
Joseph Middendorff
Pvt.  Joseph Middendorff was serving in the 5th Company, Camp Gordon Sed. in France and died on October 3, 1918 in the Base Hospital at Kechuon, France.  He was born September 12, 1899 in Damiansville, Illinois.  Burial was in the Damiansville Cemetery.
Henry B. Meyer
James E. Carson
Frank Carson, a coal miner of Beckemeyer, IL, received a telegram Tuesday December 3, 1918, stating that his son, James Elmer Carson, had been killed in action in France.  The young man was inducted into the army on June 24, 1918, by the local draft board, and landed in France about the 4th of September, and soon thereafter was assigned to Co. G, 356th Infantry, 89th Division.  He was 24 years of age.
Paul Bassler
Corporal Paul H. Bassler, was killed in action on October 8, 1918 while serving in France.  He was called to service December 24, 1917 and sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa.  Paul served in Companv L, 117th infantry, A.E.F. and entered combat service in July 1918. 
Paul was the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bassler, was born on a farm near Sugar Creek, northeast of  Trenton in 1888.  Besides his parents, he is survived by 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
Jim Vincent
William Hohmann
Joseph H. Timmermann
Orville W. Marcham
James B. Marcham, who runs a grocery on the southeast comer of the square, received a telegram from Washington last Friday evening, announcing the sad news that his son, Orville William Marcham, had been killed in action in France October 4, 1918. 
Orville was born in Marion County April 25, 1894, but for the past 14 years had been a resident of Carlyle.  He was married in 1917 to Mary Louise Hoffman and was inducted into service May 28, 1918, and sent to Camp Gordon. 
His overseas tour began in early August and in a letter to his father, Orville indicated that he would be in the trenches within a few days. 
Marcham's remains were later buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.
P. Henry Heyer
Theodore Tyberendt
Joseph B. Korte
Anton Diesen
Albert Hussmann

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